Kiara Amartya Mohamad
I would liken my works to a landscape.

Creature-like objects, drawings and writings roam this more-than-human world. Sometimes, I insert myself into this landscape, which adds a performative layer. Together, we share a physical space, and they become my companions as an installation. This world is synonymous to the embodied experiences that encompasses my daily life where (distant) memories, yearning, storytelling, longing and traumas become important forces. My installations consist of various small and fragmented elements. They are usually made of (glazed) ceramics, and exist in combination with drawings and poetic writings. At first glance, they resemble cultural objects and artifacts. I imagine a new existence/ life for these objects that are usually presented in a museum context in a mundane/everyday context, which opens up new possibilities for myself and the audience to experience these objects outside of their expected environment. I draw constant inspiration from decolonial practice and theory, as it allows me to imagine possibilities to exist outside of imposed hegemonised structures. As a postcolonial body that has undergone art education in a western context, intuition becomes an important compass in my artistic process.
I love putting things on the ground, and am currently thinking a lot about seeds.

Currently, I am actively a part of ( ) in the Mountain, an artistic collective based at De Besturing in Den Haag.

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( ̄﹃ ̄)

b. 2000 Jakarta, Indonesia.
2018 - 2022. Royal Academy of Art / KABK Den Haag, Fine arts (Painting and Printmaking)
2024. Murmurmurmur - group show at See Lab, Den Haag.

2023. How to build a house - Laying the foundation, self-initiated group show with ( ) in the Mountain. (6.10.2023. - 9.10.2023)

2023. 944, group show. (6.10.2023 - 9.10.2023)

2023. What used to be a beautiful villa, group show at Billytown Den Haag. Kindly supported by Stroom. (15.09.2023 - 22.10.2023)

2022. Everything is Before Now is Everything, self-initiated group show at Grey Space in The Middle, Den Haag. (17.11.22 - 20.11.22)

2022. To Dwell in Horses (They have always been there), KABK graduation show

2021. As is, Where is, Fine arts pre-exam group show

2021. With / Out, Self-initiated group show at WEST Den Haag

2020. Happy Oriental Co., Self-initated group show at KABK Den Haag

Publications / Press
2023. Featured article / interview on Jegens & Tevens. Click here for the article.

2022. Featured in KABK's studium generale zine "Earthcraft"

2020. Featured in Jewel Paper #3 by Sophia Wester
Photographed by Erik Kamaletdinov